New Display Hoverboard 6.5 Inch Bluetooth

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Introducing the Specifics Evolutionary self-balancing board – a cutting-edge and exhilarating personal mobility device. This innovative two-wheel hoverboard, equipped with pressure pad recognition, allows users to effortlessly control its movements by leaning in the desired direction.

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The self-balancing board that can be fun and exciting to use.With pressure pad recognition, is intuitive and easy to use. Lean in the direction you wish to go, by pushing your toes down. The Board can spin on the spot and is therefore easy to turn and navigate.


The self-balancing board, known as the "Specifics Evolutionary," boasts the following specifications:

  • Motor Power: 700W (350W x 2)
  • Maximum Speed: 12 km/h
  • Climbing Ability: 25 degrees
  • Tire Size: 6.5” solid tire - no risk of punctures
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 120kg
  • Minimum Weight Requirement: 15kg

Equipped with an LG Lithium-ion battery of 36V and 4.4AH, the board ensures a reliable and long-lasting power source. The fast charging feature allows users to charge the board in just 1 hour. The LED light battery indicator signals when the battery is fully charged and automatically cuts off.

Motors and Lights
The board is powered by two 350W motors, providing efficient and powerful performance. Additionally, the presence of top and front LED lights enhances visibility and safety during use.

Usage Guidelines

Age Recommendation
The self-balancing board is suitable for individuals aged 13 and above, providing an exciting experience for a wide age range.

Safety Gear
Riders are strongly advised to wear protective clothing, including a helmet, hand, and elbow pads, to ensure a safe and secure riding experience.

Usage Conditions
Dry Conditions: The board should not be used in wet conditions to prevent potential hazards.
Flat Surfaces: It is recommended to use the board on flat surfaces for optimal performance.

Restricted Areas
Users are advised not to use the self-balancing board in public places, emphasizing the importance of responsible and considerate usage.

Package Included

CE Charger
Instruction/safety manual

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